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(no subject) [Jan. 21st, 2010|12:32 am]
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i wish things would go back to normal and i'm not gonna give up until i'm absolutely positive it isn't gonna work....until then i have hope in this and hopefully things would be ruined over something stupid that happened that i have let go i'm not sure about anyone else but i'm over last year cause it just sucks....new year new me....and i'm determined...
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Randoness @ 5:30 in the morning [Jan. 16th, 2010|05:45 am]
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artsy Pictures, Images and Photos

Graffiti Rock NIP Pictures, Images and Photos


Heart. Pictures, Images and Photos


heart icon Pictures, Images and Photos


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random survey! [Jun. 13th, 2009|10:29 pm]
[Where I'm At? |Bed]
[I'm Feeling |amusedamused]
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1. how often do you see your mother reading a book?
When i was little she always used to..

2. how many band aids have you had on at one time?
like 5

3. do you ever wear shorts in the winter?
on in the house

4. do you remember your first favorite song?

5. did you read a lot of dr. suess books when you were a kid?

6. where do most of the scenes in your favorite television show take place?
at the round table

7. do you ever make up your own knock-knock jokes? tell us one, if so!

8. what is the longest time you have ever waited in line? what was it for?
like 2 hours...for wrestling

9. when was the last time you went out for ice cream?
2 weeks ago

10. does your home have blinds or curtains? or both?

11. do you think you would ever like to start a book club?
yea that would be awesome

12. do you think there are too many medical shows?
Yea kinda

13. do you know anyone who enjoys getting mosquito bites?
no....i don't see how anyone can enjoy possible contracting some disease

14. does anyone in your family watch the history channel?
My Dad and me sometimes

15. have you ever visited failblog.org?
nope...but i might now

16. do you ever crack your back with the backs of chairs?

17. what do you think about jon from jon and kate plus eight having that affair with another woman?
i think it's not the shocked he has 8 kids and kate is kinda bitchy...he needed a break from that...but i dunno what women would want a man you have magic sperm that makes a set of twins and sextuplets....she must want alot of kids....cause i'd be scared to sleep with him for that reason alone

18. do you think TLC has too many shows about big families and midgets?
yes kinda....but if thats what they want

19. do you ever carve your name into your furniture?
I have before....when i was little....yes that didn't go over to well

20. do any of your teachers ever give you candy?
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Random Things [May. 21st, 2009|02:10 pm]
[Where I'm At? |work]
[I'm Feeling |amusedamused]
[My Theme |the sounds of work]

I've been finding some random things all day and just wanted to share them!


I think it's pretty


i just thought this was funny


i just think it's pretty cleaver...i wonder it erasable pens count


it's my favorite line from it's all tears!


I just love it!


I never realised it before...haha
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blah blah blah [Apr. 2nd, 2009|08:09 pm]
[Where I'm At? |Bed]
[I'm Feeling |amusedamused]
[My Theme |Chelsea Lately]

I'm not entirely sure about some things anymore...it been a while since i've been on here i got on here cause of my newest addiction that being twilight fan fiction... surprisingly it has brought me comfort this past few months with everything that's happened....it just been a great year so far....no i'm being sacastic....i'd really just love to curl up and die but i can't...i am destinied for great things i know it i just can't let them not happen....even tho everything has been back firing lately i'm gonna figure it out.....my mom would role over in her grave if i just gave up and acted like a lil bitch....not the good kinda of bitch....anyways....yea...that's it...i'm done for now i might started updating here some...who knows....

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I Love snow Days [Nov. 21st, 2008|10:47 am]
[Where I'm At? |My Bed]
[I'm Feeling |lazylazy]
[My Theme |Lithium-Nirvana]

So...it's a snow day...i didn't have to work or go to class..hell i haven't had to leave the house...i love just laying around being lazy and just thinking about everything....i got woke up at 8 this morning by a design school then like 30 mins later another called...so i'm thinking about my future...i think i'm gonna sew some later and clean a little but for now...i'm gonna rest....

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Betty Monroe [Nov. 18th, 2008|07:30 pm]
Click To Visit!
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MySpace! [Feb. 23rd, 2008|01:54 am]
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Hey Everyone!!!

This is My MySpace link so Click and add and then enjoy!!!

(My MySpaceCollapse )
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It's time for a change [Feb. 14th, 2008|10:25 pm]
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[My Theme |Psych]

9:29 PM - It’s time for a change
Current mood: satisfied
Category: Life

Hey to anyone who takes the time to read what I'm about to write. I have had alot of time to sit and think lately. I haven't had such a good week. I have lose my will to learn which really isn't like me and I have lost my will to do anything productive...I had decided in these past few days I'm gonna make some Changes...so except a different Jill when u see her. A Different SweetHart when she pops up on myspace...and except a little bit of Marilyn Maddox to come through. since she is my alter ego she is the one I liked to be more like...why you may ask because she is strong, smart and so talented at everything. Jill is simply more sane than her and thinks about Stuff which is good...I'm a Gemini which means I have too side....A Good One-Jill and a Bad one-Marilyn Maddox....SweetHart is the best of both worlds so...haha....anyways....I've been thinking of all the thing i want in life and i've decide i';m gonna do them....and i actually posted a blog the other day about my name SweetHart and someone hacked my Myspace and deleted it.....so I'm guessing whoever hates Marilyn Monroe and Owen Hart did it...because that is what it was mainly based on how exactly I came up with that name so...anyways I have heard alot of thing lately and alot of question being asked so here are the answers

Why do you look up to Dead people?
Well Marilyn Monroe and Owen Hart are dead...R.I.P. but I don't just look up to them...I also look up to my Mother and My Aunt who are 2 of the strongest women ever they have been throught so much but they can still make a joke about it...I love them so much and they inspire me to do better in life and to make a life for myself and not depend on a man...which is what I plan on doing...I also look up to Mickie James...who is one of the greatest Women's Wrestlers ever..She inspires me aswell to become a wrestler because if she can go from being homeless to being one of the Greatest WWE Women's Championship ever...I sure as hell can do it. speaking of the Beautiful Mickie James...it somethings feel as if some people want me to Hate her so they can Hate me...if might be all in my mind but i dunno...I Love Mickie James and there is nothing that anyone can say or do to ever make me Hate her. ok back to the Dead....When I was little I saw a Marilyn Monroe movie...and I was like wow she is beautiful when i grow up i wannt be just like her...and as I've grown up i have learnt more about her...An I have realised she went throught so much to make it where she got to and she is a great women is why i look up to her I could go on and one about her but i'm not going to right now... Owen Hart....I fell in Love with him when i was little i thought he was the greatest thing ever...which he still is...I always wanted to marry him and everything...He is the reason why I got into wrestling and why I want to be a wrestling...Which is why I look up to him...so to anyone who ever wanted to know this is why....I have reason to look up to them it's not just for the hell of it....I will always look up to these people no matter what......so yeah...

Next Question

What do you want to be a Suicide Girl?
I have been told everything and thought everything...I've heard that I'm a slut because i want to be one...well that's what you think...I happen to think The Suicide Girls are some of the most unique Beautfiul Girls on the planet....they are punk emo girls who want to express themselves by getting naked...and i'm all for naked girls...so haha....no i'm not a lesbian i just think so girl are hot....no probably with that...I'm a big girl and I love my body and the suicide girls help to jump start any career so with me hopefully becoming one of them I can make it to bigger things....not that Suicide Girls isn't a big thing cause it is.....I'm jsut saying...I'd love to be one of them.

I get people telling me i've changed and that is true...I have changed for the Better...I use to be in the drugs bad and I did some thing I'm not proud of but I've learnt from my mistake and i've grown from them...I want to be Different not stuck in a crown of people who look exactly the same....which is why I dye my hair crazy colors and i have my monroe to be different....I'm gonna make some changes...

I hate when people tell me How pretty my hair is I know it's pretty and i love my hair and everything but after a while you get sick of hearing it....so when i started to dye it someone said Why did she put the ugly red in her beautiful hair....that's why because I want to be different a stand of and being crazy and everything so....you know....In the next 2 weeks I'm gonna Cut my Hair and Dye it....why because it's what i want to do because I hate being a stereotype....

A Girl with Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes and Big Boobs....sometimes I think that's all anyone really see and I'm sick of it so... yea....I think it's seriously time for a change....I';m gonna do what makes me happy and no one else....welll ii do love other people and i will contiune to think of them but I'm talking about me wise i'm not gonna worry bout anything anyone else says....I'm sick of trying to make others happy i'm gonna start making my self happy...so with all that being said.... I'll leave you with this.

You may Love or You may Hate but either way I'm just going 2BME!....

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I Got My Driver's License [Jun. 22nd, 2007|10:03 pm]
[Where I'm At? |My Happy Place]
[I'm Feeling |bouncybouncy]
[My Theme |Saliva-I Walk Alone]

Hey My Sweetz....What it is and What's Up?....haha...and it's true I am not a Licensed Driver...I'm free...plus I'm 19 aswell....So life is good. I've yet to drive by myself tho but i will in a lil bit i gotta go take something to my mom...she's staying with my grandmother tonight because she's got a fratured vertbra...so yeah....anyways...i'm gonna go i got places to go and people to see...Be Good Everyone!.

One Love
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